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Meet Your Event Photographer

If you’re coordinating a family, corporate, non-profit or community event
without a Professional Photographer or Videographer.
You’re paying to much.

Hello, my name is Durwin Randle, and I’ll be your Event Photographer. So, let me tell you a little bit about us and our style of photography.

1. We enjoy being outdoors, which is why we specialize in Natural Lighting Photography.

2. Most people can take a picture, but we like to tell a story without saying a word through the lens of our camera.

3. You’ve worked so hard to organize this event, so relax and have fun. You shouldn’t have to worry whether pictures are being taken, that’s our job and we’re good at it.

Houston Event Photography @ 832-509-5147

Our Latest Work

Sweet 16 Party

Mother and daughter posing on the front of her new Range Rover mama just bought for her 16th birthday. You should have seen her face when she first saw the car, she was totally surprised, and YES, we caught that moment in history.

Sweet 16 Party

We caught a few pictures of Ms. Sweet 16 being surprised by her mama when she gave her Range Rover. Now, guess what she did for the next couple of hours.

Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone!

Retirement Party

Who said retiring is boring or will be boring. There was nothing boring about this Retirement Party. If you came came being shy, you left without a shy bone in your body.

Sports Photography

It wasn’t the Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50 of the NFL.
But it felt like it the way the fellas played. It was hit after hit, catch after catch, broken tackle after broken tackle from the first kick-off to the last play of the game. The fellas left nothing on the table. The team with the fewest mistakes won the game.

Austin Vipers vs Fort Worth Stampedes

I never miss an opportunity when given to create history in sports. Now the one sport I haven’t shoot is skiing, and that’s because I’m not about to get on a pair of skies, and it’s to cold. I’m a Houston Event Photographer.

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